This exciting programme offers students in year 9 an experience they’ll never forget. The group spend a night in the forest sleeping in shelters they have built for themselves and experience real wilderness living! They will learn a wide variety of skills, such as game preparation, fire lighting, shelter building and much more.

After they return, students spend 5 days exploring what their experiences in the forest can offer them back in the school environment. We use various metaphors drawn from the forest course to draw out key lessons for success in education and life.

-How to meet their potential at GSCE
-Strategies for overcoming inertia and procrastination
-External factors: role models & supporters, facing challenges, using local resources
-Internal factors: motivation, self-control, identity, confidence & self worth
-Practical application of skills learnt into school environment and wider life

We then will return to the forest for students to complete an assessment day. An NCFE Level 2 Award in Bushcraft Skills and Wilderness Living is awarded to students who successfully complete the course.

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