We can’t meet face-to-face right now, but we’re offering online support so that young people in our local area can access emotional support online.

Our organisation is all about supporting young people. Just because we have closed our doors at the moment doesn’t mean we have stopped caring. We are still here, and are ready to offer support in as many ways as we can.


Young people will meet with a member of the Souster Youth team once a week for a 30-minute check-in via an easy-to-use video calling platform.

During this time you can talk about how you’re doing, how you’re looking after your emotional health at home and some highlights/lowlights of the week so far. It’s also a space for you to ask questions or talk about things that might be affecting you at the moment.

If at any point you decide you don’t want to continue with online support, just let your support worker know (we promise they won’t be offended) and we will arrange a final session!

We will need to gain parental/carer’s consent which we will do by phone. We will explain in detail how the service works, how we safeguard young people, and how information is stored. So please make sure your parent/carer’s details are fully filled in, otherwise we won’t be able to begin the support process.


Contact us via email at hello@sousteryouth.org or via telephone at 01832 735999 to speak to our Safeguarding Lead.


Sign up here for online support