In October we hosted another of the roadshows in this series, responding to the opportunities and challenges posed by the digital age.  Each one of the roadshows is available to schools and focuses on how parents and carers can respond to the challenges of parenting today. Our three available roadshows in the Meet_iGen series are:
-Digital Technology
-Emotional Health
-Relationships & Sex

The roadshow in October was called ‘Meet_iGen: Digital Technology’. It was reported in the Bishop Stopford School Newsletter:

“Those of us who were fortunate to attend the above event before half term were treated to an insightful and thought-provoking presentation on ‘i-gen’ and the implications of living healthily as families in a digital world.

We would particularly like to thank Jason Royce from Souster Youth who presented an engaging two-hour session, full of practical advice, up to date information and realistic good humour about the challenges of parenting in this area.

It was great to leave the session with strategies, and a sense that we are not alone in facing challenges in setting boundaries.  As Jason helpfully pointed out, we are actually the first generation of adults having to work out how we should respond to the digital challenges which are presented to our children.

We are already looking forward to planning our second event with Souster Youth on Thursday 14th March.”

On March 14th the Souster Youth team will be hosting our latest roadshow ‘Meet_iGen: Emotional Health’ at Bishop Stopford School, Kettering.  We want to raise awareness of the emotional health challenges young people are facing meaning that 1 in 5 young people think that life is not worth living (Prince’s Trust/YouGov research).  That is six students in every class.  Young people born after 1995 are part of iGen and they are part of a generation facing unprecedented mental health challenges.  What is going on?  What can be done to support young people?  We’ll present some of the latest research and practical tips in this fun and interactive seminar.

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If your school would like to host a roadshow please contacts for an information pack.

Jason Royce – Director, Souster Youth

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