We offer a wide variety of tried and tested lessons that complement the RS curriculum including the recent changes to GCSE and A-Level programmes of study.

A small sample of what we have to offer includes:

Year 7

Bourne Identity/Finding Dory (Exploring my own identity and what makes up a Christian’s identity)

Who is Jesus? (What do Christians believe about Jesus and what’s my opinion?)

Parables (What do the parables that Jesus taught about God mean?)

The Resurrection (Why do Christians believe Jesus resurrected from the dead?)

Year 8

Ultimate Questions (A class debate on some of the biggest questions of life)

Pilgrimage (What is pilgrimage and why do people embark on them?)

Year 9

Suffering (How do Christians make sense of suffering and what is my opinion?)

Sex & Marriage (What did Christians believe about sex and marriage, and why?)

Year 10

Nature of God (Christian beliefs about the nature of God and the difference it makes)

Science and Faith/Creation (How do different Christians understand teachings about Creation?)

Life after Death (What do Christians believe about life after death?)

Year 12

Ethical Shopping (How ethical is my shopping and does it matter?)

All lessons are delivered by trained staff and volunteers from local churches.

We also cover other topics and can design bespoke lessons around the needs of the school. Please do get in touch with us at hello@sousteryouth.org to book us for a lesson or if you are interested in finding out more.